Wednesday, February 21, 2018
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A Pak Airlines plane first caught fire and then crashed. All aboard were killed. It is rather astonishing that Hafiz Saeed hasn’t said so far that India is behind the blast. Has he been asked to tone down his lung power against India?

BJP leader Sushil Modi has told Nitish Kumar to ask Lalu from where did Rs100 crores come to build Rabri Bhavan?. Amit Shah will advice Sushil to be patient.’The truth will be out as soon as JDU-RJD alliance cracks.’

L.K.Advani rapped his own functionaries the other day by alleging that both the Speaker and the Parliamentary Affairs minister do not know how to manage the House. Has he tried to express his no-confidence in the two?

Even one month after Demonetization the queues outside ATMs are still there. The Opposition has sought an apology from the Prime Minister. In a counter-blast the BJP will say: ‘It is the Opposition that should apologize for preventing the Parliament from functioning normally’. The verbal war is on. There is no ceasefire!

After a month of Notebandi the Prime Minister thanked the people of India for backing his efforts at eliminating corruption in the country.

Rahul Gandhi has said that the Prime Minister is stating that Notebandi decision was great but he called it ‘foolish’ in English and ‘bekaar’ in Hindi. Couldn’t he translate foolish into Hindi?

Jaitley has repeatedly been asking the Opposition to debate Notebandi in Parliament . And Opposition is asking the Prime Minister to speak in the House what he is revealing in his rallies. Is this how the Winter Session will end?

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