Wednesday, February 21, 2018
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delhi boy killed by ians civil srvices aspirant suitcase

A seven-year-old was allegedly murdered by an IAS aspirant in Delhi and his body found stuffed in a suitcase from an apartment in north-west Delhi’s Swaroop Nagar, police said on Tuesday. The accused, identified as 27-year-old Avdesh Shakya, has been arrested.

The accused, an M.Sc in Physics, was an IAS aspirant and preparing for the civil services examination. As per the police, the accused stuffed the body of Ashish, the deceased, inside the suitcase and kept it at his house for over a month.

The boy had gone for missing since January 7 following which a complaint was lodged in this regard, according to reports. Police had even declared a reward of Rs 1.25 lakh for information about the victim. Police said that the accused was a former tenant at the deceased boy’s house where he stayed for three years. Police said that Shakya grew friendly with Karan Singh, the boy’s father, and his family. A few months ago, he shifted to another house in the same locality and would visit Singh’s house occasionally. However, Singh objected to Shakya meeting his son, a police official said.

It has been learnt that the accused confessed that the victim’s father was opposed to his fondness towards Shakya. Shakya cited this as his prime motive behind murdering the minor, according to police. Shakya was once a tenant of victim’s father in the same area and was close to the boy. Shakya also wanted to dispose of the body and demand ransom from the boy’s father, the report says. Shakya was forced to keep the body at his place due to an intensified police patrol in the area, police said. According to Indian Express report, Shakya is from western Uttar Pradesh and holds MSc in Physics.

According to the police, the boy went to Shakya’s house on January 7 to get a bicycle that he had promised him for his birthday. “He told the accused that his father had asked him to stay away from him. Shakya grew angry and allegedly smothered the child with a muffler. He then stuffed the body in a suitcase,” the officer said. The matter came to light when neighbours noticed a foul smell emanating from the accused’s house where he was staying on rent. When the accused was confronted over it, he allegedly claimed that it was a dead rat. According to police sources cited by The Indian Express, the accused could not get rid of the dead body as the police were keeping a vigil around the area.

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Courtesy: Financial Express

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