Tuesday, January 16, 2018
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The Indian women’s hockey team achieved glory by winning the Women’s Asia Cup held in Japan recently.They defeated China in the final to clinch the trophy.By winning the title the Indian women’s team has also qualified for the World Cup to be held in London next year.

After struggling for a long,long time the Indian women’s hockey team has finally won a big tournament.Earlier this year they had a chance to directly qualify for next year’s World Cup but they failed to do well in the Hockey World League in Johannesburg.It was also a special moment for Indian skipper,Rani Rampal and coach ,Harendra Singh as they celebrated this great victory.With many big tournaments coming up in 2018 the Indian fans can surely expect a lot more from our women’s hockey team.
A long wait
The Indian women’s hockey team’s recent success in the Asia Cup has lifted the spirit of the Indian fans.With this victory a long wait has come to an end.After struggling for a long,long time the Indian women have finally something to cheer about.The credit for India’s success should go to skipper,Rani Rampal and also to coach,Harendra Singh.The Indian coach showed a lot of faith in his players which helped them to do well in the final against China.A few other players like Savita Punia,Navjot Kaur and Navneet Kaur also played a big role in India’s victory.It was after 13 long years that the Indian women’s hockey team lifted the Asia Cup title.A lot of credit should also go to Indian goalkeeper,Savita Punia who made a brilliant save in the shootout against China in the final.The Indian women’s team had struggled in the big tournaments including the Olympic Games and the World Cup before their recent triumph in the Asia Cup.
A positive step
The Indian eves latest achievement can be termed as a positive step.While the Indian Men’s hockey team has enjoyed a lot of success in recent times,the Indian women have struggled but after this great victory they can also celebrate as they have done the country proud.The Indian women did very well to win the Asia Cup because it is never easy to beat teams like China,South Korea and Japan.However they will have to face tougher opponents when they play in the big tournaments like the World Cup and the Olympic Games.With many big tournaments like the Commonwealth Games,Asian Games and the World Cup coming up in 2018,they will have to be at their very best if they wish to do well in these big events.
A ray of hope
The impressive display by the Indian women’s hockey team has provided a ray of hope for the future.A lot more attention needs to be given to our women’s hockey team for them to do well in future tournaments.In the past,the Indian women’s hockey team had hardly received any kind of attention that they richly deserved.Let us hope that things will change and the Indian women’s team will be treated at par with the Men’s side.In our cricket-crazy nation the focus of attention should also shift from cricket to other sports like hockey which is our national game.It is a pity that our hockey stars fail to get the kind of attention that they richly deserve.So,let us wish the Indian women’s hockey team the very best for the future and hope that they will do well in the upcoming tournaments.

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