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This was the second medal for the country after Gagan Narang opened the tally with a bronze.  Shooting has always been the sports which has been expected to bring laurels be it Olympics, Commonwealth, or Asian Games.  With some bigwigs in this sport failing to make a mark in the London Olympics be it Bindra or Rathore, least was expected from Vijay Kumar even after his constant performances in the past. 



Gagan Narang considered a stalwart in Indian shooting brought the first merriment for the country in London Olympics with a bronze in men's 10 meter air rifle event.  Gagan Narang had everything in shooting to his name barring an Olympic medal.


saina newal

Individuals who prove their metal with performances and not words are regarded as the real champions.  Focused on their game with hard work to back up they climb up the ladder of success bringing laurels to the country silently with no hue cry. 


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vishwanathan anand

The hyper and celebration was meager in comparison to the feet of achievement.  It was not surprising that it did not get apt coverage as it was not something to attract media galore.  In a nation obsessed with cricket as sports, the game of chess stands no where.  So even the genius of game, the reigning world champion could not stand up tall for applaud for his achievement. 



This year's IPL fifth edition was in the news but for all wrong reasons.  The money spinner extravaganza was also always the cynosure but not in terms of the game of cricket.  The darker side of the show was in spotlight which was in contrast with the real glitz.


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