Sunday, February 25, 2018
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BHS Debate

                The three-day Inter-institutional cultural festival, 'Alfresco-2013' went off to a flying start on Thursday morning with a lively if not dashing debate on 'Media has derailed justice' which was conducted brilliantly by advocate Shyamal Narain. The three-member panel of judges was led by Mr Francis Moore. The motion was put to vote and was lost but not before advocate Shyamal Narain invited Mr V.S. Datta, editor Northern India Patrika, to give his comments on a subject with which he was associated.

Mr Datta began by congratulating all speakers for their performances and said he was impressed. Dwelling on the subject, he said there are good newspapers (and TV channels) and bad. One cannot generalize on the basis of what a few do. He said media does not derail justice but facilitates it. The courts are above influence. But in innumerable cases, where the courts do not enter the picture, the media has provided justice by espousing a just cause and forcing the sleepy authorities to act. And there have also been cases when the courts have taken cognizance of a crucial matter highlighted in the press and thus saved justice from being derailed. He mentioned that the Gujarat riots are remembered with horror because of the wide media coverage which was not possible in earlier riots that might have been much worse. But he said that it is only after the Gujarat riots were highlighted by the electronic media that the nation was stirred and the then Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee rushed to Ahmedabad to stop the canard and to give a lecture on Rajdharma. And then lights went off. Mr Datta said in conclusion: 'The media has not failed, the electricity has’. But within a few seconds the power generator was on and the programme proceeded.

BHS Debate


                The participants in the debate (for and against respecitively) were: Saharsh Chitransh and Bony Dasari from Barnes School (Nashik), Shiksha Rawat and Prishta Grover from Girls High School, Vipul Singh Gahlaut and Md Rashid Mary Lucas School and Gaurav Chatterjee and Varun Kapoor, Boys High School. The Girls High School team was adjudged the best. Needless to add Mr Syamal Narain conducted the debate in a splendid manner .The best speakers were adjudged as follows: For the motion- Prishta Grover (GHS); Against the motion- Mohd Rashid (Mary Lucas school). The judges were apart from Mr Moore, Mr T. D'Souza and Mr V.S. Datta (all three from St Joseph's).

BHS Debate

                Earlier, the traditional lamp was lighted by Rev G.Daud who also led the opening prayer. Principal D. Luke accorded a warm welcome to the guests and emphasised that interaction between the students goes a long way in promoting a healthy development of their personalities. He was confident that the three-day cultural festival will be cherished for a long, long time by all present. The day’s programme included English penmanship, Creative writing, JAM (Sr), Solo Singing (Jr) and Fusion (Musical band). The day’s programme began with College Head boy Rajat Rai giving a brief history of the Alfresho. As revealed by Mr Shyamal Narain, this association was set up when he was a student and recalled how they would go about collecting funds for ads for the magazine. 'I am glad to see that today it has become a gala, grand affair'.

                Today (Friday) Painting and Quiz competitions will be held followed by elocution contest and Fancy Dress show on Saturday when the function will conclude with prize distribution in the evening.


Courtesy: NIP 



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