Sunday, February 25, 2018
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Ahmedabad: In a bizarre incident that recently took place here, a class XII student first wrote his economics paper, then checked it with red ink and awarded himself with a handsome 100 out of 100 before submitting the answer sheet to the supervisor.

According to a report in The Times of India, the Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board (GHSHEB) has filed a case of copying against the student named Harshad Sarvaiya.

“The boy had examined his answer sheets in two subjects — geography and economics,” GHSHEB secretary G D Patel told The Times of India.

“While alert teachers caught the irregularity in geography where he scored 34 marks, Harshad got 100/100 in economics as assessing teachers failed to spot the glaring error,” he further added.

Patel told that Harshad will soon be summoned before the examination committee and is likely to be debarred from appearing in the exams of geography and economics if found guilty.

“To avoid suspicion, the boy had not marked the total on the main page. But the group of seven teachers that was supposed to assess each question and put their signature should have spotted the anomaly,” said examination secretary G D Patel.

Surprisingly, such a major lapse escaped the eyes of the examination committee and Harshad’s result was also prepared. It was, however, caught when the examination board’s computer software red flagged his result.

“The teachers just did the total and endorsed the boy's paper assessment by putting 100/100 as final total. This is a serious lapse and show-cause notice has been issued to teachers concerned,” he further added.

According to the result, while Harshad scored 100/100 in economics, he got poor marks in other subjects – 13 in Gujarati, 12 in English, 05 in psychology, 04 in Sanskrit and 35 in geography.

Courtesy: India TV News

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