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At a time when the whole country is dealing with a cash crunch, DU students also have the added stress of exams. Those living in PGs and hostels, while already on a limited budget, are now juggling their time between studying and standing in ATM lines to withdraw money for rent. Many of them tell us that their landlords are demanding rent only in cash.

Since the ATM withdrawal limit is Rs 2,000 and the rent amounts are around Rs 6,000-12,000, making it to the ATM after spending hours in line just once is also not enough. Instead of wasting precious revision time, many are even trying to study in ATM lines, though with not much success. Shifa Naseer,a student of Hans Raj College, says, "I don't understand why my landlord cannot accept the rent through e-transfer when there is no cash. Instead of studying during my preparatory leave, I had to stand in queue for five hours so that she could get her cash."
'Should we study or stand in ATM queues?'
For students, the week before exams is crucial. Especially if they are planning to mug up the entire syllabus right before the exam. So understandably, spending that time in ATM lines seems to bother many. Anjana Jolly, a student of Jesus and Mary College who lives in a PG in Satya Niketan, says, "My exams are going on, so I asked my landlord if I could pay the rent after my exams, but he did not agree. My rent is Rs 8,000, so I had to stand in queue for four days, wasting hours of prep time. I also tried to study in the queue, but with the traffic noise and people talking loudly, it was impossible to concentrate."
Shifa adds, "Last month, I paid my rent of Rs 11,000 on November 2, and on November 8, after the demonetization news, the PG owner returned Rs 7,000 in Rs 500 notes and asked me to exchange and give it to him. I had to get it exchanged while I was preparing for my exams. In DU, this is the time when everyone studies, ab aise time pe bhi line mein lagenge toh padhenge kab? I had my internal exams during that time and did some of the studying while standing in the queue. This month also she is not ready to take the rent via cheque. She said, 'Kal jake line mein lag jana subah 5 baje, 10 baje tak number aa jayega'. I told her very clearly ki ab exams ke baad hi dekhenge kya karna hai."

'We are wasting time in lines and landlords are getting cash easily'
"I have to pay my rent by the first week of the month, but I only had Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes. So I asked my landlord if he would accept them, but he refused and instead told me to pay the rent on time. Since all ATMs in the campus run out of cash very quickly, I travelled to Vidhan Sabha for several days to get the cash. My rent is Rs 11,000, so I stood in queues for five hours every day to withdraw Rs 2,000 at a time. I also had to borrow Rs 1,000 from my friend who lives with her family. Instead of studying, we are standing in queues and the PG owners are getting cash without any difficulty," says Gayatri Mishra, a student of Miranda House, who lives in a PG in Timarpur.
Students study while standing in a queue outside an ATM at the back gate of Hans Raj College (BCCL)
ATM visits at midnight to get cash
Since ATMs are running out of cash quickly, students are keeping a close watch on the ATMs being refilled. "My rent is Rs 6,000 and my landlord is not accepting any online transaction. I stood in line for more than three hours but still had no money as the ATM ran out of cash by the time my turn came. I also tried studying in the queue, but it was impossible as people keep talking and you cannot concentrate. So I went to the ATM at midnight and got Rs 2,000. My friend stood in the line for me the next day and I am borrowing another Rs 2,000 from a friend," says Ashwini Joshi, a student of Kirori Mal College who lives in a PG in Vijay Nagar.


DU students say that their landlords demanding rent in cash has forced them to waste all their preparation time in ATM queues (BCCL)
'I Went back to my hometown to get cash'

Harsh Tomar, a student from Ramjas College, adds, "I stay in a rented flat and my landlord asked me to pay rent only through cash. It is a very crucial time since we have to study for our semester exams, but we have no option but to stand in ATM queues with our books to get cash for rent. I knew that it was almost impossible to get cash from Delhi ATMs, so I went to my hometown in Haryana and asked my parents to arrange the cash."

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