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indian nuclear family

In the late sixties and seventies, days were less tense and more peaceful in” bharatvarsh”   than the days we are facing now. People were very casual in their approach towards life. They were not aware of population control, which is why every household had to maintain so many children, resulting poor financial condition. Joint family system prevailed in the society. Financial as well as other difficult matters were settled within the family. Grandparents used to take care of the children at home. Children used to learn many things other than only text lessons from them. A sense of family bond prevailed in the society.

 Parents enjoyed life without tension.wards also in their way enjoyed social security. Very few cases of erotic social behaviour came in light. Even people in neighbourhood used to take care of each other. People had enough time to socialise. Children could spend their leisure playing in the neighbourhood with children next door. This resulted well connectivity. So any bad act could be regulated easily by the elders at home and elders outside .use of liquor was a social taboo. Elders restricted themselves from these habits. Younger generation followed the path of their elders. Economic hardships were borne   by each member of family old or young. Unnecessary expenditures were avoided. One may feel nostalgic about those days but everything was not so  beautiful  as it seems to be. Younger generation enjoyed less freedom of speech. Parents tried to maintain such seriousness in their behaviour that their wards could not feel free to join their elders in family discussions. They tried their best to avoid facing their elders. Eldest member of the family was supposed to be the decision maker. Some times younger generation had no option but to follow bad, un productive decisions of their elders. 


Now a days, things have changed. It is said that average quality of life has improved. These days people are very much aware of population control. this is good for the society but system of joint family has broken.neuclear family system follow  foreign culture rampant ly  without thinking about its implications. Though globalisation  has many advantages  but one needs to be very careful when adopting new cultural patterns  that is foreign to us. cases of broken  family comes to light every now and then.chidren in turn feel unsafe in this present scenario. Elderly people are anxious about the future of young generation. Exploitation prevails in every field of life. Financial gap between rich and poor giving birth to many complexities in the society. Parents  suffer tension in their workplace. This reflects in their behaviour towards their family.average intelligent wards feel neglected in schools. Their  performance suffers badly. They become victim of social tension and take refuge in liquor and other intoxicating products, devolope the habit of stealing money from home, borrowing money from friends, playing in the hands of bad company. They spoil their future, their health deteriorate  day by day. Death begins to knock untimely.

Now  we should maintain  optimistic approach towards  life. We must say everything is not so bad. Parents are open to their wards. In turn they also feel free to share  their mind with their elders. These days young generation posses many electronic gadgets with them. They have internet access. Average  intelligence and knowledge has improved many fold’s feel a perfect balance  of behavioural pattern is required in the society. if we throw away negative aspects of society and learn to imbibe moral values, bharatiya society will see  good future for generations to come.

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