Sunday, February 25, 2018
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There is a concern that young people behaving as individual would show no or little respect to social tradition.  In particular, consider some Indian youngsters, who have great passion for western holidays, know less and less about our own traditional festivals. If this phenomenon continues, it would threaten the continuity of our existence. The youngsters have to learn to value their cultural heritage.

  Television, internet and smart phone are the latest tools used by the youngsters. When they use them regularly, they get new ideas and they get influenced by what they find on the latest gadgets.  For example, they no longer have much eagerness to celebrate the traditional festivals with their grandparents and older relatives. Instead, they prefer to send E-greeting from their computers.  Festivals have now become mere occasions to break out from the mundane life style one is forced to follow.  Praveen, a friend of mine says that festivals are no more celebrated in the way they used to be 5-10 years ago. People are more selfish now and prefer to stay around within themselves rather than opening up to others.  Sociologists believe that in the coming years the youth will drift further apart from traditions and rituals if such sociological conditions prevail. Aakrit who works in a BPO says that we hardly get time for ourselves and therefore these festivals come as a big holiday break for us where we can meet our family and friends. Therefore we enjoy to the fullest and do not indulge ourselves in rituals. 

In my opinion, behaving as individual is not necessarily to be opposed to traditional principle. To be distinct is totally different from to be disrespectful for traditions. Our communities should encourage the young generation to have personality. Learning to think independently benefits our whole lives.

On the other hand, there are still some young men and women who are attached to their culture and are proud to keep the candles burning what their forefathers had lit with great expectation. No wonder some people pat these young ones for their reverence for their culture. To illustrate, some young ones take leave and celebrate festivals and rituals paying a lot of attention to the tradition.


It is up to the individual how he/she wants to celebrate. Whether he/she wants to go the traditional way or the new 21st century way is his/her choice to make. The only thing that needs to be taken care of is, that the new generation should be aware of the age old traditions irrespective of the fact it is followed or not.


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