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Amy Silverstein Wikipedia: Heart Transplant

Amy Silverstein was a renowned American writer who had written several books, magazine articles, and essays. Sadly, with her passing on May 5, 2023, people are looking for Amy Silverstein Wikipedia to know everything about her.

She is well-recognized as the author of the memoirs Sick Girl and My Glory Was I Had Such Friends.

Besides being a writer, Silverstein was also a public speaker and advocate who helped the American Heart Association.

Amy Silverstein Biography

Full Name Amy Jill Silverstein
Date of Birth June 3, 1963
Birthplace Queens, New York, United States
Died May 5, 2023 (aged 59)
Occupation Writer
Parents Arthur Shorin
Arlene Fein Shorin
Spouse Scott Silverstein
Children Casey Silverstein

Amy Silverstein Wikipedia: Parents and Education

Amy Silverstein was born on June 3, 1963, in Queens, New York, United States.

She had spent her childhood growing up in Great Neck with her parents, Arthur Shorin (father) and Arlene Fein Shorin (mother).

Her father was the CEO of Topps, a collectibles company. Sadly, her parents were divorced and her father married Beverly Shorin.

Amy also had a sister named, Jodie Hirsch who died in 2020.

Silverstein gained her early education attending New York University and gained an undergraduate journalism degree in 1985 and a postgraduate degree in law.

Sadly, Silverstein while in her first year in law school developed symptoms of heart disease which turned out to be a disaster.

Amy Silverstein Career

Amy was a great writer from an early age. She wrote two books one of them was, “Sick Girl” in 2010 and another was, “My Glory Was I Had Such Friends” in 2017.

Her story contained powerful words and people loved to read her books. Likewise, with her degree in journalism and law, she was also a good public speaker and an advocate.

She usually shares her story about her health and is aware of others to become healthy and kind.

Moreover, Silverstein also helped the American Heart Association for healthy heart and organ donation.

Amy Silverstein Heart Transplant

Her small symptoms during her first year in law school developed big as she needed to be diagnosed with congestive heart failure and got her first heart transplant in 1988.

To recover, she followed a strict diet plan and exercise. To be safe from any kind of infection, she had more than 90 heart biopsies to check for signs of rejection.

With her first heart transplant, she was alive for more than 25 years. However, she had to go for her second heart transplant after her first heart developed vasculopathy lesions.

Regarding her condition, a critic from the medical industry wrote an essay in the New York Times, “Organ transplantation is mired in stagnant science and antiquated, imprecise medicine that fails patients and organ donors.

However, the essay with the title, “My Transplanted Heart and I Will Die Soon”, was published six weeks after Silverstein’s death.

Amy Silverstein Husband and Son

American writer, Amy Silverstein was married to her husband, Scott Silverstein.

The couple welcomed a son together, Casey Silverstein.

Well, not much information regarding her family life is available as Silverstein was more of a private person regarding her private matters.

Amy Silverstein Death

Amy Silverstein who had a weaker heart than other normal humans died on May 5, 2023, due to heart cancer.

Although she faced death a couple of decades ago, she survived for 59 years with a heart transplant and medications.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who was Amy Silverstein?

Amy Silverstein was an American writer.

When did Amy Silverstein die?

Amy Silverstein died on May 5, 2023.

How did Amy Silverstein die?

Amy Silverstein died due to heart cancer.

Who was Amy Silverstein married to?

Amy Silverstein was married to Scott Silverstein.

How long did Amy Silverstein live for?

Amy Silverstein lived for 59 years.a

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