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Casimir Funk Ethnicity: Family, Nationality, and Religion

Casimir Funk ethnicity is Polish, a Polish biochemist was the first scientist to formulate the concept of vitamins which were called, “vital animes” in 1912.

His findings of vitamins were the potential fighters of significant diseases such as pellagra and rickets.

Besides the vitamins, he also studied hormones, diabetes, stomach ulcers, and cancer biochemistry. In 1936, he found that the molecular form of thiamine was not the first to isolate the vitamin.

With his contribution to research and scientific works in several countries like Poland, France, and the United Kingdom, he became a citizen of the United States in 1920 and continued his work in the U.S.

Additionally, the Polish Institute of Arts and Sciences of America (PIASA) honors Polish-American scientists with the “Casimir Funk National Science Award”.

Great scientists like, Roald Hoffmann, Aleksander Wolszczan, Hilary Koprowski, and Benoit Mandelbrot have received the award.

Casimir Funk Biography

Full Name Kazimierz Funk
Date of Birth February 23, 1884
Birthplace Warsaw, Poland
Date of Death  November 19, 1967 (Aged 83)
Religion Jewish
Ethnicity Polish
Polish and American
Biochemist and medical researcher
Known for
Nutritional research, formulation of the concept of vitamins

Casimir Funk Ethnicity: Family Background

Casimir Funk was born on February 23, 1884, in Warsaw, Poland.

He was born to his parents, Jacques Funk and Gustawa Zysan. His father was known to be a medical specialist in dermatology, while his mother’s information is not known.

Receiving a good education since childhood, he earned a doctorate in chemistry at the University of Bern at age 20.

With that, he began to work as a biochemist at multiple places such as the Pasteur Institute, the Wiesbaden Municipal Hospital, the University of Berlin, and the Lister Institute.

Funk in collaboration with Stanislaw Kostanecki researched synthesizing stilbestrol compounds.

Casimir Funk Nationality and Religion

Casimir Funk was born and raised in Poland and is a citizen of Poland. However, he lived in the United States after World War II and began working there for several years.

In 1920, he became a citizen of the United States which made his dual nationality of Poland and the United States.

Regarding his religion, Funk came from a Jewish background making his religion Jewish.

Casimir Funk Wife and Kids

Polish Biochemist, Casimir Funk married his wife, Alix Denise Schneidesch in 1914 before World War II.

The couple shared a love of science and also worked together in the same field. They met while studying in Brussels and fell in love.

Casimir and Alix had two children, Ian Casimir and Doriane Jacqueline. Their son, Ian became a doctor while daughter, Doraine was more of a painter and writer.

Casimir Funk Death and Legacy

Polish Biochemist, the founder of the concept of vitamins, Casimir Funk died on November 19, 1967, at the age of 83.

For his contribution to science, on February 23, 2024, during his 140th birthday, a Google Doodle commemorated his birthday in tandem with his family’s estate and its various efforts.

Likewise, in 2024, his family accepted a Nutrition Hall of Fame award given to the biochemist posthumously.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Casimir Funk ethnicity?

Polish Ethnicity.

What is Casimir Funk nationality?

Polish and American.

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