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Emile Soleil Parents Father, Colomban and Mother, Marie Soleil

Emile Soleil parents, father Colomban Soleil, and mother, Marie Soleil are in great shock and grief after hearing their two-year-old son’s remains were found after vanishing for eight months on July 8, 2023.

Emile Soleil’s remains including his skull were found half a mile away from the family home.

During the time of his disappearance, according to the lead prosecutor Remy Avon, Emile might have been murdered, kidnapped, or involved in an accident.

Well, Emile Soleil was last seen at his grandparent’s home in Haut-Vernet with his grandfather, Philippe Vedoivini.

As per the mayor of Vernet, Francois Balique, Soleil’s remains were found between the church and chapel of the village.

During the time of Emile’s disappearance, he was among 10 people who were gathered at his maternal grandparents’ home for a family reunion.

Mr Vedovini was taking care of Emile on the day of his disappearance. Similarly, Emile’s parents were out hiking during the disappearance.

3 feet tall with brown eyes and blond hair, Emile Soleil went missing when his grandparents noticed he was not able to be found to put him in the car.

Emile was wearing a yellow T-shirt, white shorts with a green pattern and walking shows before going missing.

Although with around 500 volunteers and a police force, Emile was not able to be found in the village.

Without any clue, the search operation was called off on July 13. Since then, there was no news regarding Emile until his remains were discovered on Saturday, on March 30, 2024.

His parents were on Easter Sunday when they heard about their two-year-old son was found dead.

After the boy was found, the mayor of La Bouilladisse, Jose Morale said, “We will do our best to support them. For the parents, it’s very complicated. There is no relief, the sadness is infinite, and we are all dejected.”

Well, Emile’s mother, Marie used to post regularly on a Facebook group, “Pray for Emile“. After the news of Emile’s remains were found, the Facebook page was folded with tributes for the boy.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who are Emile Soleil parents?

Emile Soleil parents are father Colomban Soleil, and mother, Marie Soleil.

How old was Emile Soleil?

Emile Soleil was 2 years old.

When was Emile Soleil went missing?

Emile Soleil went missing on 8 July 2023.

When was Emile Soleil found?

Emile Soleil was found on 30 March 2024.


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