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JUGAAD: -An Indian Management Style

Indian Management indicate that many of the Management practices suggested by Foreign specially the Western consultants when implemented in Indian Organizations, get rejected by the environment resulting in contradiction within the Indian context between stated policies and actual practices termed as “Dualism” in Indian Management.

Many of these practices remain on paper without proper implementation. Therefore, it becomes imperative to evolve our own concepts of Management, which are in tune with Indian environment and value systems. Based on extensive research we have evolved such concepts and Management practices which are acceptable in Indian context. But now one new concept is generated by Indians that is jugaad. When we are thinking about this word then one image click in our mind.  That is a steel frame with a diesel engine mostly using for transportation. Yes exactly this machine is very popular in Punjab state and this is developed by local farmers they may be illiterate which was not discovered by any great scientist from developed countries. This innovation thought of Indians shows innovation is important then the invention. Global management experts attribute India’s rapid economic growth to jugaad. In a recent survey 81% of Indian businessmen said jugaad was the key reason for their success. In the West, innovation is done by scientists using expensive equipment. In India, it’s done by every housewife, farmer, transporter, trader and industrialist. It does not require high-spending R&D: it simply needs creativity and imagination. Anil Ambani once said Reliance succeeded through innovation, not invention. One avatar of jugaad is what management gurus call “frugal engineering”, exemplified in the Tata Nano, the cheapest car in the world. India’s telecom companies provide calls at  1 a minute, the cheapest in the world. Narayana Hrudayalaya and Shankara Nethralaya provide the cheapest heart and eye treatment in the world. Indian reverse-engineering of patented drugs is also frugal engineering.  In recent years our youth are mostly using this management style. For example if any one applying for the job then first suggestions from his/her friends that will “are you having any jugaad in this department”. One theme is continuously creating space in our youth’s mind that is without jugaad government job is not possible in current scenario. If we are taking this management style in this sense then it will be very harmful for our up-coming talent.  Now if we are talking about the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry then the mostly small scale companies are running only with the use of jugaad. These companies are using labors which have low educational qualifications but they have experience of medicines manufacturing.  And for the CGMP* guidelines they are using one or two skilled or full educated persons for the better supervision. And due to this jugaad they are making money in huge amount. In same case IT industry also have very good example of jugaad. According to an international magazine 70% users are using the pirated software and it’s a simple jugaad but in unethical way. Because every user is not able to purchase costly software so they are simply crack the software and using.  If we use this concept in systematic way and government provide support then one day we will became techno-master Japan, N. Korea and USA. 

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