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Liz Golyar Wikipedia: Family, Age, and Relationship

Liz Golyar Wikipedia is a trending subject on the internet after getting arrested and impersonated for a life sentence for the first-degree murder of Cari Farver.

Liz Golyar was the ex-girlfriend of Dave Kroupa who was dating Cari Farver during the disappearance of Cari in 2012. The motive of Golyar murdering Farver was rooted in extreme jealousy and rage.

Suspecting Golyar of the murder includes threatening texts and engaging in other deceptive acts. Liz was arrested and sent to prison for a life sentence in 2017 for murdering Cari Farver.

Well, let’s deep down about the life of Liz Golyar regarding her personal and professional life.

Liz Golyar Biography

Full Name Liz Golyar
Date of Birth June 28, 1975
Birthplace Kalamazoo, Michigan, United States
Age 49 years old
Religion Christian
Relationship Dave Kroupa

Liz Golyar Wikipedia? Age and Family

Liz Golyar was born on June 28, 1975, in Kalamazoo, Michigan, United States. As of 2024, Golyar is living in her late 40s i.e., 49 years of age in prison.

Talking about her family, her father was also charged with indecent sexual liberties with a minor. Since her childhood, she was placed into foster care alongside her siblings.

Liz Golyar convicted murderer of Cari Farver
Liz Golyar convicted murderer of Cari Farver

Likewise, her mother died in 1978 in a car accident making it hard to grow up in foster care without the care and support of her parents. Later, her father also died due to drinking and Liz was sent to adoptive parents giving her a new identity.

Moreover, Golyar holds American nationality and belongs to a family of mixed ethnic background following Christianity religion.

Well, regarding her educational background, there is no proper information on her enrollment into colleges or universities. Liz stands tall with a height of 5 feet and 5 inches.

Liz Golyar Relationship details

Golyar has a long relationship history with several men. She was married and divorced when she was young as per the records. She is also a mother to two beautiful kids.

Before getting into a relationship with Dave Kroupa in 2012, Liz was in a relationship with Raymond Nycz and Glenn Herr.

Unfortunately, during the relationship with Dave, she got caught in a terrifying love triangle which ended very badly for all of them.

Dave Kroupa used to work in an auto repair in Omaha, Nebraska, and was looking for a casual relationship. Dave met Cari Farver at the auto shop and began dating secretly.

Love Triangle between Liz, Dave, and Cari

At the same time, Dave met Liz through a dating app and began dating keeping their relationship casual.

Unfortunately, Kroupa dating two women at the same time caused conflict between the women. Golyar began to receive threatening messages from Farver.

Not only messages, she also accused Farver of shooting at her leg burning down her house, and killing pets.

After all that, Farver went missing in 2012 leaving the prime suspect to Golyar. After the investigation, Liz was arrested for Farver’s murder in 2016 and sent to prison in 2017.

Meanwhile, this story was also released on Netflix as the documentary, “Lover, Stalker, Killer”, the events of the love triangle.

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What happened to Dave Kroupa and Liz Golyar?

After the tragic incident caused by the love triangle between, Dave, Liz, and Cari, Cari Farver got killed in the jealousy and rage of Liz Golyar leading her to prison for life.

While, Dave Kroupa currently lives with his girlfriend, Margie Hover in Nebraska trying to move on with his life after the traumatic events.

Liz Golyar Parents

specific information about Liz Golyar’s parents, including their names or backgrounds, isn’t widely available in the public domain. Liz Golyar gained attention due to her involvement in a high-profile criminal case, specifically her conviction for the murder of Cari Farver.

However, details about her personal life, including her family background, may not have been extensively reported or disclosed publicly.

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