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No ‘Smart Hospital’ in City

It is a pity that while everyone is talking about turning Allahabad into a smart city, no one has given a serious thought to the urgency of providing a ‘Smart Hospital’ in a city that has produced several Prime Ministers and Chief Ministers. Some of the hospitals we have here are referred to as ‘slaughter houses’ where sometimes patients are beaten up, thrown out on the streets. There are yet some others which will not release the body of a patient whom they could not save, even if a small portion of the highly inflated bill remains unpaid. If our hospitals had been equipped with all the modern and latest facilities as available in Gurgaon where Singhalji was flown from Allahabad in an Airbus, there might have been no need for the VHP leader to be flown to Gurgaon. In fact there would have been much saving of time and that might have helped him to get the medication earlier by several hours. In an emergency if there is no delay in treating a serious patient then chances of recovery will certainly be better.

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