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Riley Strain Missing: What Happened to him?

Riley Strain, a senior student at the University of Missouri went missing since last seen before 10 pm on March 8. He was last captured by a footage of Gay Street in Nashville.

Since then, the search team has been continuously searching for the 22-year-old Riley Strain, but the search team came back empty-handed every day.

Several videos of Strain, eyewitnesses, cellphone pings, and the discovery of his bank card near the Cumberland River have been gained throughout the two weeks of missing.

However, there is still no sign of Riley Strain.

Chris Salsbury, an advocate for Nashville-area homeless stated that a homeless man named Ross was wearing Strain’s shirt with a vomit on it.

Ross mentioned that he found the shirt and had no idea regarding Riley Strain.

Well, Strain’s mother and stepfather were already aware of the vomit on his shirt which was not visible in bodycam footage from an officer.

What happened to Riley Strain? Last Known Moments

Riley Strain was last witnessed approaching the James Robertson Parkway bridge. Watching the video footage, Strain’s stepfather said, it was not clear whether Strain’s shirt had vomit on it or not.

However, several homeless people confirmed that Strain had vomit on his shirt which Ross was wearing.

Well, some witnesses saw Strain vomiting on his shirt before his encounter with the police officer.

Before going missing, he was in Music City for a fraternity conference with his Delta Chi fraternity brothers.

He went to Luke Bryan’s bar Luke 32 Bridge where he had one drink and was removed for being overserved.

The surveillance video also shows that Strain appears intoxicated and fell down at one point.

With that, people looked at hospitals and jails but couldn’t find him.

After weeks of searching, Strain’s bank card was found on an embankment near the Cumberland River.

With that, people began to doubt Strain was in the river. They also searched miles away from the section of the Cumberland River.

Although searching the dam, they did not find anything related to Strain. David Flagg, the director of operations for the United Cajun Navy said, that Strain might have fallen into the river and been swept away by the current.

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