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Sara Tomko Nationality: Where is she Originally from?

Talented actress Sara Tomko who gained recognition appearing in several films and television shows has come up to trending as people are curious to know about Sara Tomko Nationality.

Tomko is mostly recognized for playing Asta Twelvetress in the television series, Resident Alien and as Tiger Lily on ABC’s Once Upon a Time.

Starting her acting career in 2008, Tomko has represented herself as a singer, artist, producer, and poet as well.

Some of her major appearances in television series and movies are, S.W.A.T., The Leftovers, Heartbeat, Sneaky Pete, The Terminators, Extractd, 400 Days, and Suicide for Beginners.

Well, with fame and popularity as an actress, people are curious to know about Sara Tomko nationality and her personal life.

Sara Tomko Nationality: Where is she Originally from?

Actress Sara Tomko was born on October 19, 1983, in Dayton, Ohio, United States of America. As of 2024, this actress is 40 years of age.

Born and raised in the United States, Sara Tomko nationality is American. However, her ethnic background roots in Polish, Slovak, and Native American descent.

Sara Tomko Nationality
Sara Tomko Nationality is American

Sara currently resides in Los Angeles while she grew up at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base near Dayton.

She was born into a military family resulting a constant relocation during her early life.

Tomko’s heritage connects to Poland’s rich traditions and history known for its vibrant folk cultures and cuisines.

Similarly, her Native American heritage brings a connection to the indigenous peoples of North America.

However, with a mixed ethnic background, Sara is proud to carry the legacies of her ancestors.

Sara Tomko Family and Early Life

Born in the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Sara’s parents were the military who were dedicated to serving their country.

Sara growing up in a military environment gave her a unique experience bringing a sense of nationalism and discipline in her.

Sara was however interested in music and pursued classical training during her childhood to become an artist.

She went to James Madison University and graduated with a BA in Theatre and Dance.

Sara Tomko Husband and Relationship

Actress Sara Tomko is married to director Theodore Pederson in 2021. The couple began dating each other in 2016 and shared their love and affection on social platforms.

After dating for five years, Sara and Theodore exchanged their vows in 2021 to become husband and wife.

The couple seems to be having a happy married life together and people are hoping for them to become parents soon.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Sara Tomko Nationality?


How old is Sara Tomko?

40 years old as of 2024.

Who is Sara Tomko husband?

Theodore Pederson.

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