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Smart Replay System in IPL 2024: How will it help the Umpire?

IPL 2024 will be more fair play with the new Smart Replay System that will enhance the efficiency of the decision-making and streamline the process.

As per ESPNcricinfo, the Smart Replay System will incorporate eight high-speed cameras from the Hawk-Eye position while two operations will be stationed alongside the TV umpire to capture every single movement throughout the game.

In the old way, the TV director passed images from Hawk-Eye to the umpire. Now, the umpire gets images directly from Hawk-Eye, seeing more, like split-screen views.

With this system, the analysis of crucial moments will become more easier and efficient for the fairest decision.

The Smart Replay System will give umpires clearer views and different angles to judge things like catches, leg-before-wicket decisions, stumpings, and close catches.

Well, the system has been already briefed to a group of umpires organizing a two-day workshop by the BCCI.

Interestingly, the England and Wales Cricket Board also tested a similar referral system during The Hundred competition.

How does the Smart Review System work?

Picture a fielder throwing the ball, but it accidentally goes past the stumps and earns the batting team extra runs. Now, the Smart Replay System comes into play.

It uses high-speed cameras placed around the field to capture the moment the fielder throws the ball and where the batters are.

This info goes to the TV umpire, helping them make better decisions. Remember the 2019 World Cup final? The system could’ve clarified if a ball touched a player’s bat.

Before, cameras couldn’t show this, but now, with Smart Replay, it’s all about giving clearer visuals for fairer decisions.

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