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Stephen Keenan Ethnicity: Family and Girlfriend

Stephen Keenan ethnicity is Irish. He was an Irish safety diver and co-owner at Dahab Freedivers.

Born on December 1, 1977, Keenan dedicated his life’s mission to become a safety diver to rescue lives of people from drowning.

Unfortunately, he lost his life during a rescue attempt to assist freediver Alessia Zecchini in Dahab’s Blue Hole in 2017.

His death became the first recorded death of a safety driver in action in freediving history.

However, as a renowned Irish safety diver, after his death, a documentary based on Stephen Kennan was made, “The Deepest Breath”.

During his active years, Keenan made several national records and was also recognized as a Chief of Society at various freediving events and organizations.

Well, although after years of his passing, people are still curious to know about his personal and professional journey.

Stephen Keenan Biography

Full Name Stephen Keenan
Date of Birth December 1, 1977
Birthplace Glasnevin, Ireland
Date of Death July 22, 2017 (aged 39)
Occupation Safety Diver
Parents Peter Keenan (father)
Maura Keenan (mother)
Girlfriend Alessia Zecchini
Ethnicity Irish
Nationality Irish

Stephen Keenan Ethnicity and Nationality

Stephen Keenan ethnicity is Irish as both his parents were the origins in Ireland.

Similarly, born and raised in Ireland, Keenan held the Irish nationality.

Stephen Keenan Family and Girlfriend

Stephen Keenan was born to his parents, Peter Keenan and Maura Keenan. His mother Maura was a former teacher.

Keenan grew up along with his parents and a brother, Gary. His family was very supportive of his freediving career.

Likewise, Keenan had a girlfriend, Alessia Zecchini who was also his diving partner before his death.

However, after Keenan’s death, his girlfriend continued to become a freediver in remembrance of her late boyfriend.

In the documentary, “The Deepest Breath”, Zecchini mentioned that she could have done more to save the life of her partner.

Well, knowing that her boyfriend died in order to save her life, had surely made her filled with guilt which she had to live for the rest of her life.

Stephen Keenan Death

A late professional diver, Stephen Keenan died on July 22, 2017, at age 39 due to drowning while trying to save his girlfriend, Alessia Zecchini on the Red Sea’s notorious Blue Hole.

Although Keenan saved Zecchini and brought her to the surface, he blacked out and was found floating face down in the water.

According to the Irish Independent, “Keenan suffered an in-water blackout in the last 10 meters of the ascent. He was alive when he was recovered from the water but died a short time later.”

After his death, a documentary, “The Deepest Breath” directed by Laura McGann was made telling the story of two freedivers, Stephen Keenan and Alessia Zecchini.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Stephen Keenan ethnicity?

Stephen Keenan ethnicity is Irish.

How old was Stephen Keenan during his death?

Stephen Keenan was 39 years old during his death.

Who was Stephen Keenan’s girlfriend?

Stephen Keenan’s girlfriend was Alessia Zecchini.

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