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Isiah Bass Missing: Is He Alive? What Happened to Him?

Isiah Bass missing case is currently trending over the internet. Well, what happens to Isiah Bass? Is he really missing?

Isiah Bass is an inventive fashion designer from Houston, Texas who gained popularity through social media presence like TikTok and Instagram.

Bass is one of the prominent figures in the fashion industry. In 2020, Isiah Bass accused the fashion house, Balenciaga of stealing the design of his jacket.

Balenciaga then invited Bass to Paris to consult regarding the accusation, but it seems that Bass had gone missing since his arrival in Paris.

What happened to Isiah Bass?

Isiah Bass, an American fashion designer went missing in 2020 after he was invited to visit the Balenciaga which Bass accused of stealing his jacket design.

Bass accused Balenciaga of plagiarizing his jacket design through his social media. Bass said that he worked several months on his design but, seeing Balenciaga using the same design shocked Bass.

With the accusation, Bass was invited to Paris to consult the matter and since then, there has been no sign of Isiah Bass.

Rumors on The Mannequin

After Isiah Bass traveled to Paris, several rumors arose that Bass had been seen as a mannequin at a Balenciaga store in Paris with his designed jacket.

The rumor got worse as Bass was turned into a mannequin by the Balenciaga.

Similarly, a viral Twitter video featuring a mannequin resembling Bass sparked widespread shock and condemnation, though opinions were divided. Bass dismissed the rumor as absurd and unfounded.

Is Isiah Bass still alive?

According to the sources, fashion designer, Isiah Bass is still alive and well.

Likewise, Bass’s family denied any link to Isaiah Bass Balenciaga, affirming his focus on personal projects.

Additionally, Bass has been active on Instagram, reassuring followers about his well-being.

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