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Missing Mizzou Student Found Dead in River in West Nashville

Riley Strain, a student of the University of Missouri who went missing since March 8 has been found dead in Cumberland River, in West Nashville.

After several weeks of search operation, his bank card was found on an embankment near the Cumberland River.

Well, on 22nd March after 15 days of missing, Strain’s dead body was pulled from Cumberland River identified by his clothing and Apple Watch as per the Metro Nashville Police Department.

According to the Metro Nashville Police Chief, John Drake, a worker near the river noticed the dead body around 7:28 am who was removing objects from the river.

Police mentioned, that there was no sign of foul play on Strain’s body. However, the autopsy is ongoing and police are waiting for the report.

When was Riley Strain last seen?

Riley Strain was last seen at Luke Bryan’s bar Luke 32 Bridge where he was removed for being overserved. A surveillance video captured him falling down on the road and seems to appear intoxicated.

After his missing and several search operations for weeks, his debit card was found near Nashville river which made officials search deep into the river area.

With no results, David Flagg, the director of operations for the United Cajun Navy said, Stain might have fallen into the river and been swept away by the current, which really had happened to Strain.

Well, with the news of Strain’s death, his parents are suffering in grief who have hoped that their son will be back alive.

Also, Metro Nashville Police Department is trying to find out the reason behind Riley Strain’s death.

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