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Kirsty Paterson Wikipedia: Willy Wonka Experience

Kirsty Paterson Wikipedia is trending over the internet after her silence broke on Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory.

Paterson is a renowned actress who is known for her performance as Oompa Loompa. This Scottish actress however has no record of appearing in Hollywood or any other movie industry.

However, her performance as Oompa Loompa has given her a unique identity as a Scottish actress.

Well with her recent up-coming project with Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory experience, people are curious to know about her personal and professional life.

Kirsty Paterson Biography

Full Name Kirsty Paterson
Date of Birth 1993
Birthplace Glasgow, Scotland
Age 31 years old
Profession Actress
Ethnicity scottish

Kirsty Paterson Wikipedia: Age and Family

Kirsty Paterson was born in 1993, in Glasgow, Scotland. As of 2024, this Scottish actress is living in her early 30s i.e., 31 years of age.

Regarding her parents, Paterson has not revealed any information about her parents and other family members.

Before getting known as an actress, Paterson was a stand-up comedian who used to perform at small events.

Kirsty Paterson Career

Kirsty Paterson as a passionate actress applied for acting gigs and was hired at Glasgow’s Willy Wonka Chocolate Experience.

However, instead of getting the role, she insisted on distributing jelly beans and a quarter cup of lemonade during the event.

Well, during the event, she broke her silence on the scam after going viral with her weird costume on a science lab table.

She felt embarrassed after the picture went viral and people began to search for her all over the internet.

What happened at Willy Wonka Experience

The event Willy Wonka Experience was organized by Billy Coull to make the children in Glasgow experience the excitement. The pre-event posts were heavily advertised online.

However, during the event on February 24, people who attended the event were disappointed as the advertisement was done to gather people and the experience they had in the event was not even close.

After the event, over 850 people who attended the event asked for a refund. Later, the organizer, Billy Coull admitted the images posted during the advertisement were AI-generated.

Also, struggling actresses like Kirsty Paterson were not paid for their work of two days which was around £500.

Not to mention, during the event, Kirsty Paterson’s image went viral while, she broke the silence in an interview, “The whole thing’s just been a complete and utter shambles. It was shocking honestly. I was angry at the time because I felt like this was embarrassing for me, and I felt bad for the people coming in as well.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who is Kirsty Paterson?

Kirsty Paterson is a struggling actress from Scotland.

How did Kirsty Paterson go viral?

Kirsty Paterson went viral as she was wearing a weird costume (supposed to be a science lab uniform).

How old is Kirsty Paterson?

Kirsty Paterson is 31 years old.

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