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Is Korra related to Katara? Know the Family Tree of Korra

Is Korra related to Katara is being massively searched on the internet after the recent release of “The Legend of Korra and The Last Airbender”. All anime lovers across the world are curious to learn about their relationship.

With the release of this series, anime lovers are yet to enjoy the journey of the Legendary Korra.

With the complications generated in the previous season, the viewers are expecting to get a clear picture with this new sequel of Avatar.

Well, keep reading the article to get the answer to the most searched question of the series, Is Korra related to Katara?

Is Korra Related to Katara? Know the Truth

With the new sequel, the relation and bonding between Korra and Katara as shown as a family member.

Additionally, both the characters appear to be in similar dress codes with toned-town color palettes making them look like from the same family.

With the similarity, the viewers have assumed that Korra is Katara’s daughter or niece. But, they are not directly related as from the same family.

Well, in the series “The Last Airbender“, Katara is the wife of the main character, Aang and the couple has three children, Tenzin, Kya, and Bumi.

While, in the sequel, “The Legends of Korra“, Korra came up as the main character.

Katara and Korra are also seen practicing water-bending skills together. Meanwhile, they have a special relationship as Katara is the immediate incarnation of her husband, Aang.

Well, the answer to the question everyone is looking after is, No, Korra and Katara are not related. However, they share a relationship as a student-mentor.

Family Tree of Korra

Korra’s family tree began with Katara’s grandmother, Kanna’s marriage to an unknown man. The couple extended the family with a son, Hokada.

Later, Hokada married Kya and extended the family with a son, Sokka, and a daughter, Katara.

Katara is married to Aang while, the son, Sokka’s story is not explored in any sequels.

However, in the first sequel of The Legends of Korra, the birth of Korra was introduced as the character Tonraq married Senna.

Well, the family tree of Korra explains that there is no direct relationship between Korra and Katara.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Korra related to Katara?

No, Korra is not related to Katara.

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