Saturday, February 17, 2018
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mineral water

The ban on the use of plastic is nowhere visible. At some marriage ceremonies and functions, the banned variety is being openly used, I am told. But what is worse,  after the marriage functions are over, the waste is just thrown outside the premises with none bothered about the nuisance value of such material in the garbage heaps which are said to be becoming larger and still larger with the passage of time as these are not being cleared at several places.

I have often found   early in the morning Kabaris  going round  fishing for reusable stuff from the garbage heaps. The other day I kept on watching unseen from a distance and noticed that the rag picker was collecting empty mineral-water bottles as also plastic plates, tumblers , spoons thrown away after use.
The conclusion is obvious. The retrieved material is washed haphazardly and sold for peanuts to the catering houses  which could be purchasing  them gladly as they are much cheaper than the new ones. It is in these plates, cups and saucers that you are served meals at weddings. How much of bacteria goes into your stomach via the used plastic crockery is anybody’s guess.
But what I wish to specially warn you against is the mineral water bottles. People purchase them in a hurry and after consuming the contents throw away the bottles anywhere and everywhere. For all that one knows, they might have consumed tap water packed by urchins in the re-used mineral-water bottles. You are at a multiple loss. First, the bottle is a used one. It must have been lying in some garbage heap from where it was retried, washed in a hurry and repacked to be sold at full price. Your second loss would be due to the fact that what you consume that way is not mineral water but tap water with no guarantee about its quality. The next loss you suffer is a bigger one. Thanks to consuming infected water, you fall ill and have to undergo costly medical treatment.
My advice to you is: Stop buying mineral water. Instead carry a flask with you. Fill it up with boiled water or filtered water in case you do have a water purifier installed at your place. This will no doubt add to your work. But it will at least ensure that you will not be cheated by those who are lifting used mineral-water bottles, refilling them with tap water, the quality of which can never be guaranteed . Finally, when you drink this water and fall ill, you still do not suspect that the fake bottle did the mischief. Your mind will rush to hunt for other causes .I am warning you to be alert against these bottles and purchase them only from standard   shop.

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