Sunday, February 25, 2018
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house robbed

I have been warning over and over again that  all members of a family  should not together  leave their houses alone and go away to attend a wedding because in their absence the house is likely to be burgled. If at all it is inevitable then some neighbour could be requested to keep a watch or some friend invited to stay there for a few hours to just keep an eye on the premises. 

Only recently I repeated the warning in the hope that people would become alert. They have not—at least some of them have not. And they had to suffer.
The latest victim in this regard was the family of engineer Anand Yadav. They stay in the Gangapar area of the Rajapur locality. The family had gone on Thursday evening to attend a wedding function  close to the Hanuman Temple on Muir Road in Rajapur. They were away for three hours. This was enough for the burglars to have a go. And they did a neat job. They combed the entire premises and decamped with Rs60,000 cash and gold ornaments worth four lakh rupees.
When the family returned home they were aghast to find doors open. Boxes and almirahs had been ransacked. The burglars are feared to have entered the house from the backdoor   after sneaking in through the main door. The place was littered with ‘gutka’ covers, indicating that they were tobacco addicts. The police say that someone known to the family and living close by must have indulged in the outrage, especially those who were aware of the time factor.
But this could be only partially true. My contention is that anti-social elements are on the lookout for houses whose inmates  are to go out for a wedding. Often  at tea stalls and paan shops such information is inadvertently leaked out either by a member of the household or even a servant who could be telling someone that he would be free that evening because the family will be out for a wedding feast. Anyone can overhear this and pass on  this information to those that matter..
As I stated earlier the rest has been made easy by the mobile phone. Some go inside the house, others keep a watch outside, some accompany the wedding party too so that in case they spot any member of the family planning to return sooner than others, the burglars inside the house could be informed. This being the mobile era, how can the burglars not take advantage of this facility to felicitate their own underworld agenda while posing to be honest and sincere?

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