Saturday, February 17, 2018
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bulb electric

But the main reason why I am suggesting day-time receptions is because in view of the  continual power crisis   the availability of electricity will go down.

Power generators would foul the atmosphere with smoke. So if  receptions are held in the day time this need for multi-connections of power will not be felt, even if a solitary generator has to be switched on to keep the fans moving.

The Government will also be able to conserve energy and utilize it for emergency purposes. In fact the aim of the officials should be to request people to shun  electricity in day time. There would also be no need for illuminating the premises of the bride  or the bride-groom. Extravagance would be eliminated. 

CRACKER NUISANCE: In daytime wedding receptions, the blasting of crackers will be reduced too. Right now, defying the ban, loud crackers keep on being exploded almost the whole night at some places. At other places, explosions are heard mainly when the baraat arrives. The absence of long processions will eliminate the nuisance of the presence of gunmen with the baraat who keep on aimlessly firing gun-shots to express joy, not realizing that a careless pressing of the trigger could prove to be fatal, as has been happening more often than not.

To make the suggestion of daytime receptions may sound rather unusual to those who cannot imagine a wedding in day-time. But Sikh weddings are usually solemnized in day-time. And it is a great pleasure to attend them. All ceremonies are held usually as per schedule. The lunch or refreshments that follow are very timely too. All this can be done in all weddings.

NO V.I.P CHIEF GUEST,PLEASE: But one thing should be remembered even when daytime wedding receptions are planned. Please don’t have any chief guest. If some VIP is invited and he arrives late, the proceedings should not wait for him or her. The chief guests on the occasion are the bride and the bride-groom. It is they who should be the centre of attraction and not the VIPs who might have been invited for the occasion too.

Another avoidable expenditure would be the serving of wine to choice guests. It is a common practice to find a special enclosure for boozers. Sometimes wedding dinners get delayed because the boozers have not arrived. They are busy having one peg after the other, enjoying free drinks. But they don’t realize the inconvenience caused to non-drinkers who keep on waiting  and waiting and waiting, some feeling uneasy and some even feeling tortured

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