Sunday, February 25, 2018
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Police efficiency has gone down on various fronts. But in one case they are still perfect. They do not miss an opportunity to fleece money from truckers.  But sometimes all does not go well, especially if two trucks are being challenged and they collide. This happened  on the highway opposite  Mauharia village under Tharwai police station. Documents were being checked.

But the allegation is that the drivers were being fleeced  for Suvidha Shulk. When two trucks collided, the senior team  quietly sneaked away. However the truckers created a Hangama protesting against the extortion by cops. The upshot  was that the cops  still there were chased with rods. Thereafter the truckers and the villagers staged Chakka Jam which was lifted only when other policemen intervened.
We are talking about the Lok Pal to end corruption in higher places. But what about the corruption at the lower levels? Every one knows that cops extort suvidha shulk. But no one has stopped them. Why? There are some who say that these cops in the field have to pay ‘nazrana’ to their seniors who in turn hand over substantial amount to their political masters. If that is so, why will anyone prevent the loot at the grassroots level? But a mini-Lok Pal could if he were given the powers to take remedial action. Reporting the matter above has hardly helped. Those sitting above get a clue of the happenings. They too contact the cops in the field and might even be demanding their share or threatening to take them to task.
The matter may be  very common. But it is serious. The truckers pay them to escape paying extra for the illegal overloading that some of them do. It is a vicious circle that has to be broken to end this menace which turns into public ordeal when a chakka jam takes place. 

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