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Now police premises unsafe too COMPUTER, PRINTER STOLEN FROM P.H.Q.

Thieves in Allahabad have turned into such dare-devils as  to attempt something that most people would think was impossible!  But the theft that occurred in the office premises of Police Headquarters(adjacent to UP Education Board)will certainly stun one and all. Cops say that crime is under control.

They are putting spy cameras at different places but seem to have ignored the safety of their own offices. The other night a computer and printer were stolen from the Police Headquarters. How could this happen?

 Was there a security lapse? If so, how and why?  Public are being advised to be careful. But don’t the police themselves need this advice the most? There are many people who are inclined to quote reports alleging police-criminal nexus. These people are bound to jump to the conclusion that the theft could not have been possible without the help of some insider. Others may go to the extent of saying that some insider himself played the leading role in this episode of dare devilry. The matter has been handed over to Civil Lines police and ‘unknown’  intruders have been blamed for this.

Why did the thieves carry away just the computer and the printer and nothing else? If they had any sinister design they might have destroyed or carried away crucial files. But they did no such thing. Is it because some one’s  son or daughter  was demanding a computer and printer as Dussehra, Puja or Eid gift and hence these items were lifted?

There can be many angles to the incident. It is for the cops to inquire. But many would suggest that the ‘insider’ theory should not be brushed aside.

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