Wednesday, February 21, 2018
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There have been several instances of tempo drivers robbing their passengers and getting away with it. The police of the area often take no action against them even when a culprit is handed over to them. Why? Is it because they get a big share of the loot?

In the latest incident of this nature, a resident of Rajapur Mahesh Rai with family had, on Tuesday, gone to attend the funeral of a relative in Naini’s Anand Nagar locality. In the evening they boarded a tempo to return home. But near the Baidnath crossing the tempo was halted suddenly .and the driver asked them to dismount, saying that the vehicle had suddenly developed trouble. While getting down Mahesh’s wife, Sumiti Devi casually moved her hand towards her neck and found her gold chain missing. Mahesh suspected foul play and looked for his purse in his pocket. It wasn’t there. He instantly attempted to catch the driver but he started the vehicle and tried to make good his escape. But somehow Mahesh managed to catch hold of the Khalasi’s hand and pulled him out of the tempo. The crowd, which gathered on the spot, thrashed the Khalasi. Police was informed on 100 phone number but the police did not turn up. Mahesh, accompanied by the crowd, reached Naini police station and handed over the Khalasi to them. Only an Adhar Card was recovered from him naming him as Mohd Irshad son of Mohd Alam. He confessed to having removed, along with the driver, the necklace and the purse. According to Amrit Prabhat’s Naini office, till going to the press the complaint was not filed by the police. This matter needs to be inquired into. Was the culprit caught? More important—why didn’t Police van 100 respond. There is something fishy. And the most crucial point I want to raise is: When will the police screen these tempo drivers, check their antecedents and make sure that the driving licenses of these drivers are genuine?

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