Sunday, February 18, 2018
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The anti-VC lobby is happy that the President has cancelled his visit to the University on December 15 where he was coming to address a function on the invitation of Prof Hangloo. The HRD Ministry was taken by surprise when it learnt of the President’s visit to AU, and that too on invitation from the VC, because it was wanting to request the President to permit the Ministry to hold a probe into the allegations made against the Vice Chancellor.

As regards the programme-cancellation issue, the Ministry prevailed upon Rashtrapati Bhavan to avoid visiting the campus as there might be agitation to draw the President’s attention to some acts of alleged irregularities supposedly committed by the administration.
Whatever be the reasons given, the fact remains that the lobby opposed to the Vice Chancellor has been clamouring for his removal.
If the supporters of the Vice Chancellor are to be believed, the critics are afraid that if Prof Hangloo continues in office he may uncover some facts that may cause them much embarrassment. That is why they want him to go. Dr Hangloo has said in the past that he is not afraid of any inquiry—that he would welcome it so that he may get a chance to expose those who, by their acts of omission and commission, have not done any favour to the University.

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