Wednesday, February 21, 2018
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The UP police is making a three-minute short film to show that good policing actually exists in Uttar Pradesh. This film(and a 20-page booklet) which is designed to project a ‘reformed people-friendly’ image of the police, will be shown to Prime Minister Modi and top industrialists from India and abroad at the UP Investors’ Summit to be held on February 21 and 22

All this is fine. But let me remind the people planning the movie that it would be very, very difficult for the film to counter the other side of the picture which is being projected on the social media, showing the UP policemen behaving like savages, even beating up women, assaulting their victims, forcing them to confess to crime that they might not have committed. Then social media has even been projecting videos showing cops extorting money from truck walas. This is not all. There are also other uncharitable pictures of the cops, including some in which cops are being thrashed by goondas .
Ever since the arrival of the social media, police high-handedness has not escaped their camera. One reason for this --rather the main reason—is that now the aggrieved people do not have to depend on a regular photographer to take pictures for them They now have their own cameras in their mobile phones in which rare scenes have been captured alive. And these include those in which some cops are shown using third-degree methods on their victims. Unless police-friendly images appear on social media—or, at least ,the ones showing them committing atrocities are deleted from social media, a three-minute movie will fail to register any perceptible impact.

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