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Pitra Paksha is being observed from September 5-19. During these days, people offer shradh prayers or puja to their dead ancestors. As per Jansatta report, Shradh is observed for 15 days starting from Krishna Paksha in the month of Ashwin as per Hindu calendar. On these many days, people offer pind daan to their dead ancestors. Apart from this, they also offer Brahmin bhoj, tarpan, and also offer something to the poor people. As per beliefs, it is required to make souls of dead happy during shradh to seek their blessings, report added.

According to Jansatta, people should take the help of a priest for shradh. During the puja, people should also be careful not to make ancestors angry. Brahma Vaivarta Pura nans Manusmriti also suggest that only son or nephew can offer pind dan. If somebody had no son, then any male among his brothers, nephews or uncles can offer pind daan.
Things to remember during Shradh:
1) One should not forget to distribute clothes or grains. This will make souls of dead ancestors happy.
2) Shradh should be performed in later part of afternoon. It should not be done in morning or in early part of the afternoon.
3) During Bhrahmin bhoj, they should be offered food with two hands.
On the day of shradh, Onion or Garlic should not be used in any food items. It is said that those crops that are grown under the soil are not offered to dead ancestors, which include potatoes, brinjal and radish, Jansatta said.
Mahalaya Amavasya
According to, Mahalaya Amavasya, which is considered the most important day of Shradh, can be performed without looking at date, tithi or nakshatra. It also is known as Sarva Pitru Shraddh. Falling on September 19, the time to perform Shradh is between 1:13 PM to 3:35 PM, says Brahmin Santarpana is performed to dead ancestors on this day to make the stay in peace in their world. It is believed by Hindus that that the ritual that is performed frees dead ancestors free from their sins and help them get salvation.

Courtesy: Financial Express


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