Wednesday, January 17, 2018
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I have been highlighting times without number the insanitary conditions prevailing in the city of Allahabad. I am so glad to note that our local MLA, Anugraha Narain Singh has highlighted our woes in the Vidhan Sabha. Allahabad is sitting on the volcano of filth that could burst with such fury as to leave behind a trail of epidemics which the sleepy, snoring health authorities will not be able to manage, let alone control.
All the lofty plans announced to keep the city garbage-free have gone haywire. Has anyone bothered to find out why this has been happening. The deterioration in the services rendered by the civic staff did not occur in one day. Indiscipline, lack of proper supervision and ignoring of people’s complaints have all combined to act as a slow poison to gradually destroy all the initiative in the health administration from within. Anugraha Narain’s speech in the Vidhan Singh reveals it all.

I may warn that the lives of the citizens are threatened by the outbreak of any contagious disease in a big way if immediate arrangements are not made on war footing to repulse the  advancing threat. Garbage heaps are not being cleaned. Mosquitoes are being allowed to breed their armies without any check. The Health department keeps on telling lies after lies that they have conducted fogging operations. They could be doing so in their dreams because they are almost always found half asleep. What they are waiting for are the winter months when mosquitoes will be driven away by the cold weather and not by any effort on their part. Many people keep on asking us: ‘If the Health department is to do nothing except making false entries in their registers  about all work  having been done, why isn’t the department disbanded?
Citizens are complaining that the private garbage-lifting company is charging them Rs50 per month to carry away the filth every day from their door-steps. But unfortunately, these people, supposed to come daily, are now coming after a gap of three or four days.  Who is to blame for this? But the list is long. Who is to blame for the deplorable drainage system? The questions are many. The answer forthcoming is none. This is because there is no accountability.  If people do not pay official dues, RCs are issued against them. But no action is taken against the erring staff, their erring supervisors and their erring bosses.  Is that the way to run an administration?

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