Thursday, January 18, 2018
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repair hostels

A report says that crores of rupees sanctioned to Allahabad University were sent back unspent. Those funds could have been utilized for building a chain of hostels and repairing the ones that show no signs of proper maintenance at all. If more hostels had come up, fewer students would have needed to stay in lodges and consequently the Birthday-Incident would not have occurred.

The UGC or the Ministry must set up an inquiry to find out why the funds were not spent. The  UGC must specifically demand information about how many students are being forced to stay in lodges or in privately rented houses. That would give them an idea of the number of students denied hostel accommodation.  On the basis of the figures thus collected and also planning ahead for what the student population would be say 20 years ahead, if UGC  executes building activity  for Allahabad University, it would do a world of good to this one-time Oxford of the East.  They will say that acquiring land for hostels may take time. But let them start this work on an urgent basis right now.
The University has vacant  space in several hostels which can be used to build annexes  or new hostels attached to the original ones. Then there can be multi-storey complexes with lifts attached. That way in less space more students would be accommodated. All that is needed is a will to go ahead with the determination to find a solution. The UGC may do that if the local authorities have failed to do so.

We cannot allow the future of our students to be marred by the lack of proper accommodation and environment to study, If they have to  live in lodges where some persons of questionable character or integrity might be staying, how can we be sure that the impressionable minds won’t be affected by their company and slow brainwashing to convince them that a little of foul play is not foul? We have to create an army of students who can show to the world that they are unbreakable, unbendable. How will we do this when we allow them to stay among shady characters and fall in wrong company that could lead to consequences of a frightening nature?

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