Thursday, January 18, 2018
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Allahabad is a very important Division of the Indian Railways and the Chief Public Relations Officer (CPRO) of NCR plays a crucial and dominant role in projecting and highlighting the true image of the Railways, bringing to the notice of the rail users the enormous good work done by the biggest public undertaking, guiding the public on the latest developments, alerting the travellers on do’s and don’ts for a safe travel and acting as a bridge between the public on the one hand and the bureaucracy as well as the Ministry on the other.

Today we take this opportunity to welcome the new CPRO of NCR, Mr Navin Babu(of the 1992 batch of the Indian Railways Engineering Services), who comes here with a brilliant  and distinguished record of work at his previous important assignments  and bid farewell to the outgoing CPRO of NCR, Mr Sandip Mathur who  has gone through a gruelling time, meticulously handling mammoth and fabulous   Mahakumbh operations with high-speed efficiency and untiring stamina. Sandeep goes on a well-deserved promotion  as chief signal and telecom engineer(construction) and we wish him the best of future ahead.
Mr Navin Babu has worked in Allahabad Division in the past but it is possibly for the first time that he will be handling the delicate task of public relations. But those who have met him or seen him say that there can be no doubt that in his new posting too he will be winning fresh laurels to further enhance the dignity of the post . We accord him a hearty welcome.

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