Saturday, February 17, 2018
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Allahabad damage roads

Recently a Minister visiting the city was so furious on seeing the deplorable condition of the city roads that he ordered the departments concerned to set them right within 15 days.

A principal secretary who toured the city earlier also issued a similar order. But will such orders work? During the pre-Maha Kumbh period too there were ministerial tours with a visiting dignitary fixing a deadline for the completion of the works. Not one but several deadlines were crossed but the work was not done. And when finally it was speeded through  the result is there for all to see.
The concern shown by the bureaucracy and the minister is to be appreciated. But the point is: Unless there is the accountability threat, how can efficiency and speed be expected?
I may also remind the top bureaucrats that most of the officials who were posted here for the Mahakumbh have been transferred. The present lot may be consisting of new officers who might be knowing next to nothing about how the things were managed or mismanaged, who bungled or who was behind the deliberate mischief which was done to feather the nest of a few at the cost of the city’s welfare.

Even assuming that after 15 days most of the pot-holed, crater-inflicted roads acquire a new surface, what is the guarantee that they will last for long? A probe should be ordered to find out what were the terms of agreement with the contractors and how much they diverted from the  conditions laid in the contract  and why. Then alone accountability can be fixed and action taken against the guilty. 


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