Thursday, January 18, 2018
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akhilesh yadav CM

Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav’s   hurricane visit to Allahabad will be an occasion to remember for various reasons. In the first place, the weather gods were kind on Sunday. There was no rain even if there was no bright sunshine. But the smiling face of the  young Chief Minister  was like bright sunshine for the thousands of students

    who were lucky enough to receive laptops either personally from him or at their colleges. What must have gladdened the hearts of the citizens was his announcement that Allahabad will soon have another University of global standard.
Citizens must also have been flattered to hear him praise the city, its heritage, so profusely though many might have felt that his mentioning the name of just one prominent leader from Allahabad—that of Janeshwar Mishra—though well deserved  was not enough. But that is another matter.
That the Chief Minister could  participate in so many events in Allahabad was by itself a tribute to his generosity in accepting all the important invitations for engagements that meant a lot for the organizers. He might have laid the foundation stones of ADA’s six housing projects(comprising 1689 flats) from the Parade ground itself, through remote control ,the gestures were nevertheless welcome because it was thus ensured that the proposed schemes will not have to wait for his arrival next time to show the green flag.   His visit, though belated, was on the verge of cancellation on account of the unprecedented rain  experienced a day earlier. Even so, the Chief Minister did come, he stayed for a while, charmed everyone  with his youthful smile and went away with the sound of cheers echoing in his ears. He might or might not have heard the cries of those who were protesting against the denial of laptops even when they had been made to sign receipts. He couldn’t have seen the gherao of an SDM by those who were denied the gifts.  But apparently he was sure that all will ultimately end well.
Akhilesh was also seen on the badminton court in Mayo Hall where he played some strokes too and also promised those managing the show to improve the Mayo Hall  together. The hint was clear. If the Mayo Hall management of the sports complex  comes forward with an improvement plan, the UP Government will not be lagging behind.

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