Thursday, January 18, 2018
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water supply

The water-supply system in Allahabad has gone completely off the rails. In the densely populated areas of the city, the complaints about scanty supply, dirty supply, irregular supply  are being received from several areas. People have demonstrated on roads to protest against the poison that was being piped by the Jal Sansthan . That might  be so because of the porous pipelines passing through overflowing, choked gutters so that the filth from outside  is getting inside.

Mahakumbh came and went. Crores of rupees were spent and mis-spent. But there was no improvement worth the name in so far as the water supply to the city was concerned. In fact the situation worsened when the thoughtless digging operations were started for laying the sewer lines. JCB monsters overran the roads damaging the water pipelines too. The pipes with holes thus created by the JCB monsters started swallowing the filth  which has been reaching thousands of households making people fall ill and suffer from water-borne diseases like jaundice. But who cares? The Health department is snoring and the Jal Sansthan people don’t care a damn.

We even suggested in the past that  the Jal Sansthan should arrange  tanker supply in regions suffering from shortages or are getting polluted supply. In fact if they cannot supply pollution-free water they must discontinue the supply, alert the residents of the area concerned and announce a tanker supply schedule for the affected localities so that people may be ready with their buckets to meet their requirements. This will certainly be a tiresome job but isn’t it better to walk up to the tanker to fetch a pail of water instead of falling ill and then walking miles to reach a hospital, only to be maltreated there and in rare cases even beaten up and thrown outside the wards with kicks and abuses.


Advocate’s water woes
Advocate Afzal Ahmad, residing in 32 Elgin Road has been without water for the past several days. He told the Patrika on phone that they have not been getting a drop of water for days on end and have been taking water from a construction site close by where they have done the boring to get the supply. He says: “We have been passing through the worst ordeal. No one seems to be bothered.”
A scribe living close-by had to narrate the same tale of torture. ‘Water comes for three days in abundance. Then it disappears for three four days. We have to depend on kind neighbours like Stanley and Margaret Francis. Sometimes their supply is affected too. And then there is Mr Mohan Lalwani. He told me that they get water intermittently and that on Sunday it was stinking. On Monday it was dirty.’ What’s Jal Sansthan  waiting for? For some one to file a PIL?


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