Wednesday, February 21, 2018
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Tempo Allahabad

Not all tempo drivers are dishonest.  Some of them are at the   receiving end too. But there are some who are virtually criminals driving the vehicles as a cover to indulge in their nefarious game.  In this connection it may be pertinent to point out that a Vikram driver and his mate were arrested the other day  for  giving sedatives to a couple (Manoj and his wife)who were returning from Mumbai to spend vacation at home.

Their accomplices fled with the couple’s belongings .But when the tempo driver and his mate   dumped  the semi-conscious couple inside the SRN campus near the public toilet and were trying to flee, they were spotted and trapped  by the people there and handed over to the police.
Why is it that no proper verification of tempo drivers has been done? Why is it that they are still not wearing uniform with their names engraved ,  carrying identity cards and fulfilling all the formalities that they were supposed to do before the advent of the Maha Kumbh?
Such incidents  fully expose the total failure of the Traffic Police to enforce their own rules.
I think instead of Traffic bosses going to schools to teach children the traffic rules, it would be better for the Principals to take the class of Traffic Inspector and his men and teach them to first implement their own norms before entering schools to teach kiddies about traffic rules. How will a school kid defend himself against hoodlums at the wheels?

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