Saturday, February 17, 2018
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hospital cheated

Coming back to the present, we may recall that  some weeks ago  a portion of a repaired road caved in right  in the presence of the DM. When he went on a recent inspection visit he found plaster of a newly repaired wall peeling off in a hospital. This raises some very important questions.

How is it that while the works were on or while the purchases were being made, no one checked and counter-checked to see if the task had been done as specified in the contract or the items purchased as mentioned on record. The DM’s discovery of the fraud only tends to create suspicion that such irregularities on a massive scale could  have been going on for a long, long time. Since the present string of frauds was discovered running matters   the defaulters have been identified. But what about the fraud that was committed  during the execution of the Mahakumbh schemes?
You must be curious to know where all did the DM go. Well he discovered these irregularities during an inspection  visit  to Government hospitals such as Tej Bahadur Sapru Hospital(Beli Hospital), Motilal Nehru(Colvin) Hospital and Kenhati primary health centre. He found grievous faults everywhere. At Beli Hospital, shockingly enough,  the quality of construction material used  was supplied by UP Projects Corporation Ltd. Fans, switchboards all were of non-branded variety. The latches fitted on the doors were rusty. Rajshekhar has ordered that work should be completed as per the estimates given.

The DM’s surprise visits are likely to keep other defaulters on tenterhooks. They are likely to lie low for the time being. But if the official machinery at the upper level becomes alert and active there would be every reason to hope that things would improve for the better. The tragedy is that just like good citizens shun participating in elections so too good bureaucrats avoid controversy or controversial assignments lest they should be suspended on concocted grounds by the well-wishers of the fraudsters.

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