Saturday, February 17, 2018
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IG Dev kumar

IG Devkumar has made a timely appeal to policemen to rid the society of criminals and also to create a better rapport with the depressed members of society. But there is one major difficulty. Let us first have a police task force that can fulfil the IG’s command.

The difficulty lies there. It is very deep-rooted and can ultimately be
traced to the nexus between criminals and  police , especially those posted at the lower rungs of the administrative ladder. The general feeling among  the public is that cops can easily be ‘purchased’. Their frowns turn into smiles as soon as they receive a share of the loot. The other day a sting operation once again showed how the cops were at the receiving end. Even so the IG’s appeal should have some impact at least on those who are above temptation  and can still be expected to abide by the guidelines coming from above.
The police also gets partially blamed for something that others may be doing in its name. In this context I would like to especially mention the arrest of five persons of a gang that was masquerading as policemen and committing one offence after another. The point is: From where did they get the police uniforms?
This dangerous trend has been particularly seen in Jammu and Kashmir where militants have often come in army or police uniform to launch an attack. It was once revealed that there are shops where you can get these uniforms. Are they stitched afresh or are these the ones disposed of by the retiring personnel? The authorities should consider imposing a total ban on such sales.
There have been instances when such cheats have faked themselves as senior police officers too, posted in another city. They seem to know all the relevant details about the inside working of the police department so that they can easily hoodwink the cop in field if not overawe him with his fake designation.
The task of police is thus bristling with complications that are a part of the modern style of the functioning of criminals. They try to outsmart the police in the field because they know that the ordinary cop has been drugged by the Suvidha Shulk phobia and he can do anything to get that and thereafter to overlook the threat that might be  coming from the willing bribe-giver.  Then it is an open secret that at recruitment time many undesirables manage to smuggle in through sources or money. Can we expect any loyalty to the cause they are supposed to serve?

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