Saturday, February 17, 2018
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packed milk price hiked

All the branded milk packets are selling costlier by two rupees a litre. The price has shot up to Rs44. Milk is fast  getting out of reach for the common man like onions which may touch Rs100!. If you go to a private milk  seller he will sell you the same quantity at lower rates but one cannot be sure of the quality.

However one can also not vouch for the quality of the milk we receive in branded packages. For one, the milk could be stale with manufacturing date manipulated. In that case you may find the milk turning  sour. But even if the date is correct and everything seems to be all right you are at times left wondering whether the milk supplied is of the same quality that you received a day earlier. The reason is that these days even packages are faked. The  packages of different companies can easily be printed and filled with synthetic milk. How would you know? There have been instances when milk packets were confiscated for poor quality but it was learnt later that the contents were fake.

Raising price of milk right on the eve of Diwali is going to make khova more expensive. As it is, pure khova is difficult to get. But the dealers of adulterate stuff will also charge you at enhanced rates. That is the way in which they will make extra profits. And if khova is expensive the Diwali sweets this year are bound to go up at a sky-rocketing speed. The people have the unreasonable instinct of going in for a costly items in the belief that the costlier the item the better it is. But this may not be so if the sweets are made with ingredients that are of inferior quality.
The best of shops have been raided in the past. The department concerned has to show that it is doing good work. But it chooses the biggest possible shops to take samples . This is because the investment by them is of a very high order. The shopkeepers would not like their premises to be sealed as that would ruin their investment. So they dance to the tune of the raiding parties and oblige them in various way.

The price of everything has shot up. The other day someone told me that the temple sweets which in the past used to be the cheapest in the city were selling at Rs180 a kg. I recall those days—in the 1970s—when ordinary sweets would be available for Rs3 and a half. And the pure-ghee sweets from Netram could be had for Rs10 a kg. Now, isn’t that unbelievable? (But then in 1973 gold was selling at Rs500 per 10 grams too)
When we came to Allahabad in 1946  four seers of milk was available for a rupee. And my mother would say it is very expensive because she had spent many years in Kashmir where, she told me, they would get 16seers of cow milk for one rupee and 15 seers of buffalo’s milk for one rupee. But then the population of undivided India (including the regions comprising Pakistan and Bangladesh) was just 40 crores!




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