Wednesday, January 17, 2018
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housewife angry

There was a report the other day that some people had suggested to the housewives to avoid going to the market for purchasing very, very costly sweets and instead make them at home. Many people also said:’If  during the Holi festival, housewives can make gujias and potato chips at home, why can’t they make sweets during the Diwali, especially when they keep on listening to those recipes on different TV channels?

They should either uitilize that knowledge or stop wasting electricity in watching Sanjeev Kapoor coming out with one recipe after another.’

A housewife, Madam Nilima Srivastava , sent a note in which she said that to make sweets at home would be costlier. And she had her own arguments to give. She said, ‘If I  exhaust all by subsidized cooking-gas cylinders in making sweets and need more, won’t I have to buy them in the open market at the non-subsidized rates? Won’t that shoot up the cost of production? ‘ She said, ‘Before people make such suggestions they should not overlook various hindrances that will crop up’. She said: ‘Yes, I do have a selfish motive. The money saved will be used by my sweet hubby in buying special Diwali gifts for members o the family.’ She said, ‘The best way to overcome the challenge of rising prices of sweets is to reduce your purchases. Don’t go after big packets’. But flatterers may object: ‘If we reduce the sweets packet to be presented to our bosses won’t that affect our promotion and increment? This gift of sweets and other items is nothing but an investment made for future gain in the form of goodwill that we will create for ourselves’. A Kitty Party dame’s reply to this would be: ‘This is indeed a very risky investment. My husband once presented a bike to a smart son of his boss, hoping that he will be pleased and help us forge ahead with a better and lucrative career. And do you know what happened?  The boss was transferred! That was complete loss. The boss took away the bike and left us with a deflated bank balance.’ Of course another dame may comment: ‘Bank balance? Don’t talk rot. Say that your black-money hoards were dented by a ripple. I know your husband can give ten bikes to ten officers. He is minting money’.
And so Diwali sweets lead to bitter exchange of words!

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