Thursday, January 18, 2018
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Accidents take place. Why? Because it is not the youth alone that uses the road! There are others too- the truck-drivers, the bus drivers, the tempo drivers, the jeep drivers, the tractor drivers, the tanker drivers, the JCB drivers, the Road-roller drivers, the building-material carriers, the iron rods transporters.

They often drive recklessly so that   even if the young lad is following all the instructions he is crushed by a  truck moving on the wrong side – probably driven by a driver who might be drunk!  The lad might be knocked down by a rash and negligent tempo driver who probably hasn’t got a driver’s license and who could be driving in a zig-zag manner because his mate and other accomplices might be attempting to rape the lone woman traveller !  If an accident takes place, the lad will be blamed and the cops will say nothing to the killer trucks and tempos.
Mr Indrapal, why don’t you initiate a drive to exclusively  train tempo drivers not just to follow the rules but also to implement the orders that were issued to them when Uday Shankar Jaiswal was the Traffic Superintended here. Has Indrapal cared to read the orders that were then issued to the tempo drivers? They were required to wear a uniform with their names inscribed on it. They were supposed to carry all documents and also be ready to show photo identity cards. Has Indra Pal cared to or dared to implement those instructions which were issued by Jaiswal, renewed in the pre-Mahakumb period and an assurance was given that they would completely be  executed before the Mahakumbh arrived? Well, if they have not been implemented, who is responsible for it? The young bike riders whom he wants to teach traffic rules? Will Indrapal reply?
Then there is the question of bumpy roads and encroachments which narrow down the width of a thoroughfare . All categories of vehicles might be following traffic rules in their totality. But a sudden jerk or jolt at an unforeseen pothole throws the driver or rider into a state of disequilibrium and despite best efforts to save himself, he trips, falls on the ground and is run over by a rashly driven truck which is trying desperately to  escape the chasing cops wanting to extort hefty amount of Suvidha Shulk from him. Who is at fault here? Neither the biker nor the trucker but the three cops riding on one two-wheeler without wearing a helmet! What will Indrapal say to that?

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