Thursday, January 18, 2018
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drunk driving 

And then there is the nuisance of drunken driving. Have the Traffic people ever given a thought to the nuisance that is promoted by easy availability of liquor at roadside jaunts? The young men, who might have been  trained by Indrapal himself in his school sessions, are tempted by the boozing centres.

They buy beer or whisky, have a heavy dose of it and then turn into sex hunters, looking for some lone girl moving all alone in a lonely area.  She is forcibly pulled inside the car by the four or five drunkards who thereafter turn into sexual brutes, indulge in gang rape and then abandon the victim at some lonely spot. Who is the original villain here? Not the boys so much as the brute hidden inside them, which is aroused by the liquor so easily available on roadside pubs. Have the police ever appealed to the higher authorities to eliminate these roadside shops? They are a major factor in disturbing the peace of the areas in which they are located. It has often been seen that people buy their stuff and then start consuming it on the crossings. They get drunk, pick up an issue to quarrel and this often leads to violence, brawls  and gunshots. Roadside pubs provide an open  invitation to the elements who wish to create disturbances. They might be bringing in plenty of revenue but aren’t they also ruining the lives of our youngsters who  might never have taken to drinks had it not been for the easy availability of beer and whisky  on the roadside itself? The cops hardly ever challenge them. If they do they are rebuffed with a volley of unprintable words by the brats, some of whom speak of their influential links. If this does not work, currency notes do- or even a share of the intoxicating liquid!  And the vagabonds go free!

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