Thursday, January 18, 2018
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 pipe line

A Jalsansthan officials told us off the record that they have to introduce two-tier supply of water in the city. In the morning hours they will supply filtered water which may be preserved for drinking and bathing purposes and in the afternoons they will pump unfiltered water for washing clothes, utensils and so on.

I recall that in the distance past there used to be two parallel supplies . The unfiltered one was referred to as Garden Supply. In several big compounds those garden taps were there. I recall in the old Barnetts Hotel compound there used to  be a garden tap which would give out gushing supply while inside the taps used to be running with  filtered water. However, the supply even from the garden tap was crystal clear. There was no trace of any impurity. May be it was not filtered and treated with various purification powders but I can say without the fear of contradiction that  water then supplied through the garden taps was far, far better in quality than the filtered supply of today.
 By the way, the Jal Sansthan would be knowing about the location of these parallel supply lines. They did not at all supply normal water. I presume that now those garden-tap pipelines too are being used for the regular supply. There would be very little to distinguish between garden supply and drinking supply if both pass through drains and the dirt and filth infiltrates into the pipelines through the perforated portions.
 But now the authorities want to use the same pipeline for supplying both the filtered and unfiltered water. How will one be sure that the supply during the filtered period will not be a residue of the unfiltered water ?

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