Thursday, January 18, 2018
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angry ramo devi gupta

The senior-most woman advocate of Allahabad High Court was in an angry mood when she rang me on Wednesday morning to give vent to her fury against members of her own sex who go about gallivanting on the roads  decked with costly jewellery and then complain that they have been robbed! She was reacting to the alarming rise in the frequency of chain-snatching incidents.

Ramodevi says: ‘If it was a rare occurrence one may forget it. But these days chain-snatching incidents are occurring with such alarming frequency as to leave us stunned’. Ramodeviji says: ‘How can  women be so foolish and idiotic to do something which they know is  fraught  with danger?’
Ramodeviji says: ‘If these glamour dolls cannot do with a chain round their necks, they had better  go and  buy those inexpensive, attractive ones which are available in the market for Rs10 a piece. That will keep their necks covered.’ She says: ‘Sometimes I get the impression that women hailing from families with tonnes of black money could be deliberately wearing gold chains to expose themselves to the threat of being robbed by chain snatchers.’ She said, ‘It could even be a status symbol  for some of them who could be wanting to shoot into press headlines through such publicity stunts.’ She says she won’t be surprised if in the days to come these chain-snatching incidents are stage-managed to enable a stylish woman to hit the newspaper headlines’.
The  live-wire among women advocates says,’The police must not entertain their FIRs’. Ramodevi says, ‘These FIRs are acting as a  hurdle to the working of the police already burdened with multifarious responsibilities like getting vegetables from the bazaar for their bosses, leaving the kiddies to school and escorting them back. Can’t they be spared this roadside tamasha? The cops get busy with these cases and neglect other work.‘  Mrs Ramodevi Gupta said, ‘Let there be a directive to fine and punish women who walk on the roads or go by rickshaws wearing gold chains. Unless some such strong action is taken, these women folk will not give up this nasty habit of  vulgar display of wealth in this manner’.
Mrs Ramodevi Gupta appeals to all women organizations of the city to pass resolutions calling upon womenfolk to give up the habit of adorning themselves with gold jewellery when on the move. They must ask them to go in for imitation jewellery for road use. By and by , when the chain snatchers discover what they have looted is not a gold chain but an artificial one and that  all that glitters is not gold, they will give up their nefarious deeds. But will the vanity of women allow them to stop fleecing their spouses to keep a number of chains handy so that if one goes it is replaced from another one. I wonder what our women readers have to say to this.


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