Thursday, January 18, 2018
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Diwali time is adulteration time, says an expert. He warns that this is the time when adulterators mint money and they get away with it too because the monitoring staff is too small to peep into every drum of oil or every sack of ‘basan’.

And where the inspectorate is indeed active, there always are some black-sheep who decide to look the other way if they are suitably  bribed to do so. The bigger the sale prospects the higher the amount extorted as Suividha Shulk by those who regard Diwali season as their Bonus Time.
That is why health experts say that it would be safer to buy sealed branded mustard oil because it is this oil, used on lavishly , which is subjected to adulteration on a massive scale with colours and ingredients that are regarded as very injurious for health. The ‘Basan’ too is mixed with the crushed powder of ‘Keshari’ daal which has been banned but which resembles the gram daal and is therefore used in place of the costlier one.
Why I am especially drawing the attention of the housewife to these two items is because for the Diwali preparations at home, these two are used in a big way. People are under the impression that sweets made at home under the direct supervision of, if not personally by, the housewife would guarantee 100 per cent purity. That is true no doubt. But she cannot guarantee the purity of the ingredients used.
I would therefore suggest that the district administration should be  asked to initiate a drive against these two items too

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