Thursday, January 18, 2018
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crackers sound

There was a report that the cracker market this year did not do as roaring business as it did in the past. The reasons given are several. But one of these could be the  vigorous propaganda done by school kids against the use of crackers so as to prevent air pollution which  is harmful for health.

Moreover, kiddies from affluent families have come out of the enchanting spell of crackers and are now more interested in computer games, mobile phones that can open so many new horizons of communication and are a marvel to look at. Why would they go in for crackers? Moreover, if they want to enjoy cracker fun, the TV news channels are showing these in plenty. Why should they burn their fingers when they can use their fingers to press the remote button to enjoy cracker blasts ?
An  imaginative young lad said: ’I brought just one powerful cracker bomb. I blasted it and recorded its sound on my system. On the night when others were actually firing crackers, all that I was doing was to replay the taped sound of the cracker by increasing its volume manifold.  You can imagine how the people must have taken that!’ Well,  if so, this could set a dangerous precedent . Without paying for hundreds of bombs, one could just buy one, tape it and then replay the bombardment sound a hundred times. This would create  sound havoc of the worst type. What I am trying to say is that even if only crackers  with the permissible  sound level of up to 125 decibels are  sold in the market,  can anyone prevent them from being recorded and then replayed at double the sound on loudspeakers, camouflaging the whole thing so as to create the impression that it is a real cracker?'

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