Sunday, February 25, 2018
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 Boys high school allahabad

There is no doubt that our old English-medium schools are  rendering great service to the cause of education and Allahabad’s Boys High School is one of the topmost institutions of learning in the State.

The fact that the school has completed 150 years goes to show the important role it has played in shaping the future of  thousands of students who left the campus to adorn some of the top positions in different spheres of public life. On Wednesday November 5 the school’s bosom must have swelled with pride to see a commemorative stamp  issued by the Government of India being released by the Governor of the State Mr B.L.Joshi  to mark the completion of 150 years by the BHS. The Governor’s compliment to the school—that it has been providing quality education—was well received and well deserved as well. Principal David Luke and Madam Luke who toiled hard to make this function a memorable one, deserve applause as also the entire staff who extended wholehearted cooperation to make this day of pride and glory and event to remember. And if David Luke paid homage to the school’s Founding Fathers and also expressed his sincere gratitude  ‘to whole those who steered the school to glory’, he was only acknowledging the debt that the present generation owes to the pioneers of the past without whose hard, ceaseless endeavours, this school would not have reached such dizzy heights of glory.
I have known three predecessors of David Luke and I may say that all of them—Mr Innis, Mr Flyn and Mr Dudt –worked hard to carry forward the banner of responsibility which was handed over to them.  Mr Flyn once told me that a time had come, after Independence, when students were shunning the English medium schools due to the lingering magic of the call of the Swadeshi. Mr Flyn told me that a stage had come when they thought of even closing down the school and running only the branch on Katju Road. But gradually the importance of English was realized and  BHS once again picked up , and picked up fast to become one of the foremost schools imparting  education in the English medium. The school has has basked in the sunshine of publicity that it has received from its alo alumni who have been occupying high posts almost every where and have scored in various fields including films where Amitabh Bachhan , a former alumni, continues to reign supreme. Some others whom I have known include Mr Justice Ravi Dhavan, Mr Justice Markanday Katju,  Mr Yogendra Narain, former Chief Secretary of UP and thereafter the Finance Secretary and the Secretary General of the Rajya Sabha. Mr Rajni Kanta Verma, who shone in the foreign service also earned the proud distinction of topping in the Indian Foreign Service examination. And there have been several more eminent products of this school. I would like to congratulate all of them too. But the present lot of teachers and other members of the staff also deserve special mention because without them, this function could not have turned into a memorable event.

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